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STOP Texting Me


While I hated texting at first, I have come to accept that it is probably the best way to communicate with family and friends. Apparently, no one but me reads emails anymore. If I want someone to read mine to get a more complete message than I can fit into a text, I text them first to alert them to read my email. Phone calls ­­­– forget about it. Don’t bother to leave a voicemail either. No one but people my age check their messages in a timely manner, or at all.


I accept that my life will be disrupted by text dings from my phone, which, as a woman of a certain age, I feel I must read and reply to as soon as I receive them. If they are from family or friends, that’s fine. Less fine are the constant reminders about doctor, dental, haircut, and other appointments. They ask me to confirm the appointment and then remind me many times. I guess being reminded is a good thing but perhaps one reminder the day before would be enough. Also, they email me, so I don’t appreciate all of those extra dings.


I have to draw the line, however, at political texts. Since I receive countless emails every day asking for money, I feel like these texts are an invasion of my privacy. Even though I support most of these candidates and causes, I have started to text back “STOP,” which removes me from someone’s list. I must be on many lists because I still keep getting more of these. I wonder how many people actually respond to these texts. Probably enough to make it worthwhile for the sender.


In the old days, these types of appeals came via snail mail or actual phone calls on our landline. Once we had Caller ID, we never picked up. I don’t mind email, as I can choose to read it and delete it or donate. But my cell phone feels like my personal space. These texts follow me wherever I go and interrupt my life in ways emails from annoying telemarketers on my landline never did. I feel compelled to look when I get a text as it may be something important from a family member or close friend. If you don’t fall into either of those categories, I will ask you to STOP, which does not mean that I don’t support your cause. But if you keep flooding me with these annoying texts, it is much less likely that I will donate.






by Laurie Levy
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